Get a free iDocument 2 for existent iDocument users.

By mike, September 3, 2013

To appreciate the great supports from all iDocument users, it is free to get iDocument 2 for all iDocument existent users.
iDocument 2 is a completely new application, In iDocument 2, there are lots of new features are introduced, includes: new library structures, enhanced documents encryption SafeBox, new documents index system, etc.
iDocument 2 Requires Mac OS 10.7+
If you install iDocument 2 directly, it will appear as a new program in your Mac, if you want to keep using your previous data from iDocument 1.6, you’ll need to follow the steps below:
Step 1: Make sure your iDocument 1.6 is upgraded to the latest version 1.6.40, you can find the latest version here:  iDocument 1.6.41
Step 2: Choose export to iDocument 2… in iDocument’s menu-> file and then export all your documents and the folder structures in iDocument 1.6.40
 Export library for iDocument 2
Step 3: Import the exported documents and folder to iDocument 2
a. Drag & Drop the exported folder into iDocument 2 and choose to keep the folder structures
b. Create an index folder to index the exported folder into iDocument 2
Please Note:
Please decrypt all your encrypted documents in iDocument 1.6.40 before exporting.
In case your documents library is huge, here are some points you’ll need to know:
1. The entire process will last a relatively long time and will require a relatively big disk space(Probably double your current documents size)
2. Every documents will be safely copied in this process, even you’re using index model in iDocument 1.6.(All documents and folder will not be modified)
Download iDocument 2 from here:  iDocument 2
If you any other questions, please contact us at:

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  1. Sorin Paliga says:

    Complicated, really complicated, and requiring a lot of disk space. But wil try to repeat the steps.

    • mike says:

      I’m sorry for this, but since iDocument 2 used the brand new data structure, this is the only solution we could keep the original data from iDocument 1.

  2. burkanov says:

    I’ve bought an iDocument 1 once, so how do I transfer my licence to v.2?

    • mike says:

      If your iDocument 1.6 is activated, then simply download the new program, iDocument 2 shall appear as registered in your system.

  3. Douglas Cheney says:

    I am unable to import or export my library fro iDocument 1 to iDocument2 and also it keeps asking for a registration number

    • mike says:

      Hey Douglas,
      Since data structure is completely different in two versions, you can’t use the v1’s library in v2. Please follow the guide above to export the library from 1.6.40 first then reimport it into the iDocument 2.

  4. Jose Herran says:

    I tried the export procedure you mentioned, but I have tons of smart folders and smart rules that can’t see on iDocument2. Must I recreate it?

    No way. I will keep the v.1 version. In that, program let me see at once the tags, smart folders and smart rules. Sorry guys, but can’t see the adventages of new version.

    • mike says:

      Hey Jose,

      I’m sorry for this, we can not manage to export the smart folders as there is no physical location record inside these folders for the moment. But I’ll pass your issue to our developers to see if they could figure out a solution in the future upgrade.

  5. Vicker says:

    I bought a new Mac that dont have iDocument 1.x installed yet and I can’t find the 1.x installer anymore. In that case how can I register iDocument 2?

  6. Rob says:

    Is it just me or are the smart folders not working? I have 2056 documents imported to the library; I set a Smart Folder to just show “tag = insurance” as the only criterion (for example); the smart folder shows all 2056 documents. I have checked the ‘Tags view’ in the sidebar and there are just 2 documents with the ‘insurance’ tag, so they exist and should match the smart folder.

    Oh, and the tag view in the sidebar is listed randomly – it needs to be sorted alphabetically to make it of any use (like in iDocument 1): I have hundreds of tags and it sends me blind trying to scroll through them.

  7. Rob says:

    OK – just discovered that you sort the Tag View alphabetically by right-clicking the list and choosing the option (Duh!) … Smart Folders fix needed then I should be cooking.

  8. Nicolo says:

    Hello, I followed your suggestions how to import my former iDocument data to iDocument 2, but I lost my folder structures and tags. What I can do to fix it?

    • mike says:

      Hey nicolo,

      Would you please tell me what do you got in the exported documents folder? And about how many folders you got in iDocument v1?

  9. S Sagar says:

    b. “Create an index folder to index the exported folder into iDocument 2″
    What does that mean? Where, what and how? What is the folder title name and where do you place it? Do you mean rename exported folder?

    • mike says:

      Sry for this misunderstanding, To create a index folder from the small cross button in the sidebar you can get iDocument to import the documents into its library without copy or move them into iDocument. It only indexes the documents into iDocument to manage. Please find out more in the User manual:

  10. Frank says:

    Will there be an automatic update check in the free iDocument 2 version downloaded from here?

  11. Jens says:

    Thanks for the free upgrade! Really appreciate it, you’re fantastic!

  12. Matt says:

    iDocument 2 unfortunately is not registered – although i have 1.6 activated… any ideas?

  13. Aitor says:

    My actual version is 1.6.39, I click for updates and I receive the following message :
    iDocument 1.6.39 is currently the newest version available.
    So !!! Where is 1.6.40?

  14. Neil B says:

    Thank you for the free upgrade… Very considerate of you folks.
    I do have similar questions as S Sagar about the “Index Folder” (Step 3b above), even though I have read the manual page you linked to.
    I understand _how_ to create one, but where _should_ it be created?
    And should I really be making an Index Folder for the previously exported files?… Don’t I WANT them to by kept inside the iDocument2 Library since they were kept in iDocument1 Library?

    • mike says:

      Index folder is not essential, it only saves some spaces for you. You can actually drag&drop the exported folder into V2 to keep everything inside the library. It’s a good solution too in your case.



  15. Gary Turner says:

    I have Idocument1 and did upgrade 1.6.40. A week later I downloaded IDoument 2. When I open Idocument, I get a prompt to “buy” or “try”. I thought if Idocument 1 was installed, it should automatically register document 2 and it doesn’t. Any suggestions?

  16. Mav says:

    Works fine for me. Thanks for the free update!

  17. Sander says:

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the update! I like the new interface. Exported the 1.6 files with success, but I now miss some features I can’t do without in 2.0…
    – I use iDocument as a real archive. Every document I archive has to be in iDocument. I didn’t used folders in 1.6 and sorted everything with tags and smart folders. For each new year I created a new set of folders to manage my document based on tags. With 2.0 I now have one big folder with all my documents in it, but the Smartfolders didn’t came over!!!
    – I dragged my exported folder to 2.0 while pressing CMD. So everything is imported into the 2.0 lib which is stored in Users\documents\ When I click on a document and see the info, it is still pointing to the old document folder from where I imported it. In my case it is referring to a desktop folder which even don’t exist anymore, because I was holding the CMD while importing
    – Where is ability to create a “incomming folder”????? This is my most used function in 1.6!! I had it always on my desktop so I can dump my shit in it. iDoc 1.6 then automatically imported it and it was sorted by a smartfolder so I could tag it whenever I had time…

    Will this be added in a new update??


    • mike says:

      Hey Sander,

      Thanks a lot for your feedback and here are some answers for your questions:
      We can’t manage to export the Smart folder as there it will generate multiple copies of one document if this document appears under multiple Smart folders. In that way, we can’t directly export the smart folders
      The location pointing issue shall be a bug, we’ll fix it in the close future. Maybe a restart could fix your problem there.
      The incoming folder, it’s now upgraded to index folder, you could find this option in the same location as incoming folder. It will automatically indexes all documents from the location to iDocument.
      At last, we’ll keep upgrade the program to make it useful for all iDocument users.

  18. John says:


    I have 1.64 on my system and have downloaded the trial version of 2.0. But it still appears as only a trial version.

  19. Michael says:

    Downloaded and installed iDocument2. Followed your instructions to export and import documents. Document move appeared to be successful. Problem is iDocument is flakey. Adding a tag doesn’t always work. The flag window doesn’t always close. Changing a tag causes the add flag popup to stick open. Moving to the next tag does not cause the popup window to close. Don’t think this product is ready for release. Moving back to previous version…

    • mike says:

      Hey Michael, Sorry about these issues, we’ll keep upgrading the program to fix all these small bugs to complete it in the close upgrade. Actually another new upgrade is coming today.


  20. Lynda says:

    1. I can’t get the right-click to work for anything
    2. I cannot delete an index folder I set up…
    3. Some nice features…

  21. Lynda says:

    OSX 10.8.4; English

  22. André says:

    Whats Step 3b for? After creating an index folder my whole library is duplicated?

    • mike says:

      The 3b will not duplicate another copy of your documents but only indexes a link to your documents. This way, you could keep your wherever you like to save them.

  23. James Daniel says:

    Oh, and no – it doesn’t recognise that I already have a license for the original version. And yes, I have updated to the latest version. What do I do? Lastly, you promised an iOS version. Any news??

  24. Rob says:

    Further to earlier post 05-Sep 11:43;
    Smart Folder is still not working – you said it would be fixed in an upgrade yesterday … but; Check for updates doesn’t work (“Update Error. An error occurred in retrieving information. Please try again later”). Do I need to download iDocs2 again?

    Also – my Index Folder does not keep its path and asks for reconnection at each restart of iDocs2 (“path for this index folder cannot be accessed, please reconnect”). This is pointing to a NAS Server (ReadyNAS) on the LAN. Since there are a lot of files on there I don’t want to be reconnecting it each time I restart.

  25. Renato says:

    Hi, I imported all my documents from version 1 to 2, but only 181 on 14521 had conserved the original tags. It’s a big problem for me. What I have to do?

  26. Greg says:

    I too have iDocument 1.640and downloaded the version 2, but it does not recognise my version 1 registration. What should I do to enable it to do so?

  27. Daniel S says:

    I have IDocuments 1. My documents are currently located on an external hard drive (drive other than my main drive). I do not want to import all of my documents onto my main drive for iDocuments 2 because of loss of disc space. Do I have to do this? Or can I continue to keep my documents folder on an external drive? If iDocuments 2 has to be on the same drive as the documents, can I install the application on my external drive and run it from there? Thanks.

    Dan S.

    • mike says:

      Hey Daneil

      Thanks for your contact, you could still do that. Export your iDocument 1’s library to a folder on your external driver, and then link your iDocument 2 to the documents stored in your external driver by creating index folder to watch the exported folder. In that way, all your documents shall be remained in your external driver and indexed in new iDocument 2.

  28. Steve De Repentigny says:

    Hi there, I’m sorry but it doesn’t work, I’ve followed all the instructions and it still says enter license. !!!!!

  29. SM says:

    Hi there,
    After installing iDocument 2 and export and import or indexing, should I delete the iDocument 1 and its library or not? another question, in iDocument 1 I used incoming folder function and now when I export the folder or files of idocument 1 and then index the exported folder what will be happen if I index the original folder as I adding files to that folder continually. does it duplicate all those files?

    • mike says:

      Hey Saeid,

      If you choose to index documents into iDocument 2, please do not delete the exported documents in finder, iDocument 2 will not copy documents into its library if you indexing them into iDocument 2. Drag&drop import will duplicate all documents into its library on the other hand.


  30. Thomas Broessler says:

    When I do the process, all documents are collected in one place. So documents are duplicated-> they exist on there old location (since I did not import them into idol) and in idoc2 library. Is there a way to import with tags and so on and leave the files on there original place?

  31. Thomas Broessler says:

    idoc2 works really fine. But I am missing the incoming folder. Or is this just replaced by the new smart folders?

  32. SM says:

    Hi there,
    After installing iDocument 2 and export and import or indexing, should I delete the iDocument 1 and its library or not? another question, in iDocument 1 I used incoming folder function and now when I export the folder or files of idocument 1 and then index the exported folder what will be happen if I index the original folder as I adding files to that folder continually. does it duplicate all those files?

  33. Greg says:

    I’m on iDocument 1.6.33 . I try to follow the process above to upgrade to 1.6.4 however it says “Can’t automatically upgrade from the current version, please go to our official site to download and install the latest version:” and then fails to update. What now please?

  34. Teddy says:

    I’m a iDocument (first version) user
    I am unable to open iDocument2
    ” Your 15 days period has expired.If you enjoyed this app please consider buying a license to continue” also it keeps asking for a registration number

  35. Daniel says:

    I have 1 folder on an external drive where I scan or store all documents and then my iDocument 1 looks at that folder for incoming new documents. I then use folders to organize those documents in document 1. How can I continue to do the same thing in document2 . Can you walk me through, step by step, what I have to do. I don’t want to recreate or copy documents on to the drive where document 2 is located. Can document 2 also continue to monitor that external folder for new documents?

    • mike says:

      The index folder in iDocument 2 replaced the incoming folder concept, it will automatically picks all new documents from the folder into iDocument without selection.