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A new piece of 'Green' for Mac users

A new piece of 'Green' for Mac users

For the past year, there are lots big events happened in our planet, especially the Climate conference was held in Copenhagen. Though, the progress is limited due to the conflict among different nations' interests. We can still call it a good start. And today, for improving the 'green revolution' for Mac, IcyBlaze team brings us the new application to help the Mac users get far away from our ancient heritage: Papers.

In today's office, we've seen computers, electronic documents all around. However, after all these years, we still see Printers, faxes, documentations everywhere, like offices, institutes and business centers. Why?

The answer for the question is discovered, there are still advantages that papers have, but not electronic ones. They are defined as the following factors: convenience of organizing, , sharing, finding and security issue.

So, to cross the final line, iDocument is designed to complete the revolution in better performing of organizing, storing, sharing, and finding the electronic documents.

Better organization. Every time, when we visit or enter an institute or research center, we'll see the huge library where all the books stored in. And there are 6, maybe 10 different floors for sorting the books in different categories, also, with 20 different work stuffs to put back all the rented books back to the shelf. To establish a better organization system, iDocument is doing it totally different. In iDocument, you'll see all the documents automatically listed and sorted in different alphabet of titles, authors, date, or even document's types. And you'll never need to put them back where it belongs after you browse them.

Better security. A critical consider for using papers rather than virtual documents is because the convenience of been un-authorized copy, illegal theft or fraud. To prevent this problem of electronic docs, iDocument contains a 'RSA' encrypting system, which is designed and been used for over a decade, which never been defeated in the history. Any documents you encrypted with are fully protected.

Better Sharing. As we know, sharing is always a good way to gaining knowledge and exchange the opinions. For so many years, we're used to just handle over the paper documents to our colleagues, classmates, and partners to share the information. And if there are 10 people, who all hold different documents in hand, you're put your documents risk for losing. For a new habit, iDocument made the share system so easy that you only need to drag and drop the documents to the sharing folder, others will easily see the documents. And you won't worry anything like losing the document by passing the information to others.

Better finding back, to find back the electronic documents is not as easy as find the real thing. However, with the help of iDocument, it becomes even easier than finding the physical documents. In the iDocument, you can apply a global search, which you'll be able to find any documents related to the keywords you typed in. Or you can apply a conditional search, which you'll find more specific search result of the documents.

After all these consideration, iDocument provided a 100% alternative product of the papers. So please save our limited resources today and do make a change. Remember, if every Mac users or even computer users do a little change, it will make a big difference to our home.

Note: To produce 1 ton of the paper, you'll need to consume 20 ten years old trees, 100 tons water.

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