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Farewell, hard papers!

Farewell, hard papers!

Lately, as almost every manufactures are releasing its own eBook or E-Ink devices. Of course, as no exception, nothing matches the upcoming iPad for ebook reading device. We're now standing at the point of 'revolution of publishing'. Like music tapes, CDs. The newspapers, magazines, books are going to fade out sooner than later. To push it one step further, IcyBlaze re-leased the iDocument for helping Mac users to enter the No paper world.

To assist the electronic documents defeat the ancient old paper documents, iDocument advantages in Organizing, Confidentiality, Sharing and Finding. It applies to almost all mainstream electronic docments formats. IcyBlaze iDocument is basically a very powerful managing and organizing system for Documents. It sorts and organizes all your documents by all useful patterns and similarity, like doc type, authors, created date so and so forth. No matter you've got hundreds or thousands PDFs in your Mac, you won't get any of them lost or in-organization. And IcyBlaze iDocument is also like a Steel safe box for your Documents. By click Encrypt button, and set your password, any documents you encrypted in iDocument, it can only be opened by your preset password.

One of the critical reason that people still using the hard paper is because they are extremely easy to share. Now, with iDocument, things become simple as click share button within the office, or click upload serve button to share it in air!

Finding function, the last and as the trump card for iDocument to hard papers. You may organized your books very good, you maybe well kept your secret documents, however, you will never this easy to find the documents or books among hundreds or thousands of them! Finding books in iDocument is all about typing a word related to your documents. It can be title, it can be date, it can be a keyword within the contents. it can be anything.

Please try the new application now at http://www.icyblaze.com to feel the 100% digital documentation life, and to make sure our next generation got no idea what newspaper is.

Do you know? In the last 60 years, 1/5th of the lumbering was used for paper industry.

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