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How to keep documents safe on Mac?

How to keep documents safe on Mac?

To keep your documents safe is always the first priority for storing the documents in the computer. There are many document thefts, illegal copy, or digital imaging all over the Internet today. And to keep documents safe is also much accounted for Mac users. How to keep the documents safe on Mac? Here are some practical tips for Mac users to review:

Firstly, let's start from how to keep documents safe on Mac computer and local networks. To keep documents safe, from been unauthorized viewing, sharing, copying, modifying, etc. The easiest way is to change the privilege of viewing and operating the documents. You can set and change your document's privilege property by simply 'ctrl + left click' on the document's icon, then click the small locker icon in the right bottom of the property window.Click on the locker, input your account password to open the options. There are three options for different users to access the document 'read&write; read only; no access'. And you can easily select read-only or no access to keep documents safe on Mac computer.

And the simplest and affective way to keep documents safe on mac is keeping your document invisible to others. By keeping your documents totally inaccessible by others. You'll need Document management software, and by using this software, you can easily drag and drop your private documents to the security box or folder, which only you can access with your unique password, and by that, you'll keep documents safe on mac absolutely.

Secondly, keep documents safe on the Internet, that's a big topic not only for the customers, but also for the organization and even law department. And today, we're not going to talk about the whole topic, we are talking some small tips which are useful for ordinary Mac users.

The first point, choose your document format wisely. There are lots of different formats in the market, and to keep the documents safe, as we all know, the PDF is the safest format among all the popular formats. So, if you have some really important files, please do keep documents safe and save them as PDF format. More important is Adobe is keep improving its securities.

Furthermore, in case you're going to share your documents on Internet, to choose the large and famous sites is crucial for keep documents safe on Internet. As web 2.0 service, there are lots of different sharing sites in the Internet, like Youtube for video, Flickr for photos. And for documents, there are famous sharing sites too, like slideshare.com, Google doc. It's very safe to upload and download from these sites.

There are lots of other tips or guides if you're searching in the Internet, which will help guide you to use and share your documents safely. Also, to install a good document management software on your Mac is helping.

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