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How to manage documents for Mac academic users?

How to manage document for Mac academic users?

manage document for Mac academic users is just like the managing the photos for home users, it is one essential part of the whole study or research cycle. As Mac is becoming one of the most welcomed computers among all the students and academic users, we need a clear mind on how to manage document for Mac academic users . Here is a step by step guide to bring you some idea for organize and manage document for Mac academic users .

Step one of manage document for Mac academic users: Centralization , when we're starting an academic project or research, there will be hundreds of different documents, books, and related paper works to be looked over. And those docs are from all over the world on the Internet. Then, when you finally work on your coursework or project, you'll create many different versions and formats of the report before you come up the final one. So, the very first thing for manage document on Mac for academic users is to allocate all the related documentations to one unique folder, which you'll used for your project only. By doing that, you'll make sure all your data are stored correctly and integrated.

Step two of manage document for Mac academic users: Sorting, as we know, there bookshelf for the physical books in the book library. The electronic copies are needed to be sorted as well. Like in the library, there are categories, authors for the library to store their books, we also got similar information for our electronic publishes. And what's better is the related information is already encoded when the documents are created in the first place. It's called 'meta data', it contains the property information of a document, include titles, subject, tags, authors, creating date, etc. With this data, we can create the sub-folders as you like. (Note: you can view the 'meta data' in the file's properties). After all documents are in the featured sub-folders. Your document management structure is established.

Step three of manage document for Mac academic users: Retrieve, even we got a well sorted bookshelf, finding the right documents is still a challenge. Have you ever spent a whole afternoon just for a book, if there is no index system or assistant stuff? Yes, it could happen again if there is no search index on your Mac. But don't worry, Mac has taken care of this, by the magic spotlight, you'll find any titles, authors, and even article contents in the documents. So, basically, if there is a hint or keyword in the document your can remember, you'll be able to find it back.

Step four of manage document for Mac academic users:Communication, to do an academic research or study, usually there is a team behind the whole project, so in this case, sharing and communication is needed, and most of the important communications are recorded on the documents. So, sharing and exchange a document is one of the last important elements for a scholar to manage his documents. On Mac, we can share the documents by connect to your teammates' Mac, then drag and drop the target document into the sharing folder. Or you can upload your documents to the Internet document sharing server like Google doc, or slideshare.com to share your works in long-range.

Step five of manage document for Mac academic users, After all the ideas, you're now see how easy it is to manage your documents for Mac academic users . And there is one more thing! To make things easy, there are full-range of the document management software or system is available for academic discount offer! So, please don't hesitate, start to clear your documents mess on your Mac!

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