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How to manage document for Mac business users?

How to manage document for Mac business users?

Manage document for Mac business users is essential foundation in the business managing, documents are used for record, share the information, and it covered all management layers, from operations report to financial reports, they all stored by documents, which in other word, good manage document in business, represents good managing of the company. And as Mac is becoming more and more welcome in the business field, this guide below is showing how to perform a good manage document for Mac business users:

The following key elements are considered when we're manage document for Mac business users : Location, Category, Retrieving, Sharing, and Publishing. The guide will go through with all these steps one by one:

The very first topic of manage document for Mac business users is Location, when we're talking about the location, safe, large place and easy access are the prior concern. Mac as a high class computer, it uses either Toshiba or Seagate hard disk as its storage hardware. They are both very qualified hard disks, with maximum up to 4TB space in Mac pro, which can satisfy most of the business's data usage. Fortunately, as Mac users, we don't need to worry about those, next to, it's make sure the files stored in one easy access place. For that, it's mostly relies on stuff's good habit, which requires people to allocate the documentation to a unique folder. However, most of people don't do that, we're used to leave the documents as easiest as possible, like desktop, download folder, etc, which makes a huge mess and chaos. So, a good document management application is essential for a good business as well, it will detect or scan all the files in your Mac hardware, and then store them to one folder automatically.

the second topic of manage document Mac business users is Category, after we've stored our documents in a unique document folder, we're now carry on our organizing process to a further step, to differentiate the documents by their functions, contents, authors, date, or formats, etc. In this, we'd like quote a concept of 'meta data'. This data is associated with the documents when it's been created. It records the documents' property information, like Titles, subjects, size, date, keywords, tags and it's been encoded in most popular documents formats, like pdf, doc, ppt, keynote, so and so forth. With the 'meta data', we can sort our thousands of our different documents in a well organized bookshelf by easily using the DMS or manually. What's more, you can also create your folder by the files function and other elements by using a good DMS.

Retrieving, the third and one of the most important factors for manage document for Mac business users. As a business, the documents structure is very complex, so even if we own a well organized documentation library, we still need a powerful search engine to locate the individuals in thousands of different files instantly. And the best part is, it's covered by our magic Mac system, the 'Spotlight' search. It can search all the titles, authors, or tags of the documents. Or you can run a specific search in a Document management software to define a multi information search of the file.

Security, another vital factor needs for manage document for Mac business users. How to ensure your creation or your personal files not been pirated, or published everywhere in the Internet? There are two methods can do that. You can change the privilege under file's usage. Or you can easily put this in the Security folder of the document management software, which the folder can only be opened by your personal password.

Sharing, the fifth point of manage document for Mac business users. as we're in the business environment, share the documents between the Macs is the most common thing between colleagues, and sharing the docs between Mac is usually implemented by drag the files to the share folder, it's rather convenient. The only problem is, when you got too many Macs on your sidebar, you'll find is difficult to get the one you'd like to connect with. In alternative, the document management software will help you organizing all the share folders on your colleagues' Mac; you can easily select the one by its intelligent share list.

Publishing, last key element to manage document for Mac business users , which requires your creations to be published easily but safely on the Internet. By using the latest web 2.0 technologies, you'll be able to share your electronic creations very easily online like Google doc, slideshare.com, etc.

To sum up, To manage document for Mac business users is a easy work, as the system is well designed to cover all the key elements, and there are lots of advanced document management software in the market to make it even easier.

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