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How to manage document on Mac?

How to manage document on Mac?

How to manage documents on Mac is a rising problem, as more and more academic and business users are using Mac computers as their best partner today, Mac is now represents the most amazing creative products, its genius software and artistic hardware, which made Mac the most beautiful and coolest entertainment computer in home and family. However, when it comes to the business, the very first thing comes out is how to manage document on Mac efficiently and effectively.

To manage document on Mac is actually a very simple and easy thing to do; there are factors and rules that lead you to manage document on Mac easily. And below are some of the key points to organize and manage document on Mac system:

Firstly, Location, the foundation of manage document on Mac. Where you store your documents and files? It's easy to save a file on the desktop, or any other folders within reach, however, it will be a nightmare if you're regaining the files next time. So, the very first thing is to store documents in one place where you will always store the documents. Even it costs few more clicks. By doing that, you established the foundation of manage document on Mac.

Secondly, Mark and retrieval, the second factor of manage document on Mac. In order to make sure you can find your files whenever you need it, to make a symbol is essential, well, for the Mac users, 'Spotlight' is easy enough to find everything, like titles, file created date, etc. What's more, the 'Meta data' helps a lot. The 'Meta data' contains plenty of the information of the document, like subject, authors, type, time, size or ISBN, etc. For those Meta information, you can use for find references by using the Document management software. By using the 'DMS' and the 'Meta data', you can find your files by subject, type, size, date, or even any keywords in the contents! Just as easy as using spotlight!

Thirdly, and very important factor on manage document on Mac: 'Security'. How to ensure your creation or your personal files been pirated, or published everywhere in the Internet? There are two methods can do that. You can change the privilege under file's usage. Or you can easily put this in the Security folder of the document management software, which the folder can only be opened by your personal password.

Fourthly, the 'Distribution', as today's business or project, we can't just keep our creations in our Mac, we need to publish or send the documents to other relatives. How to delivery our work to others safely and correctly is one of the important aspect in the document management system. Usually, there are three different methods: 1).Print; 2).network; 3).hard copy. And the most convenient, fastest and environmentally friendly way is to share your doc is by network. There are many famous and free Internet doc sharing services, like Google doc, and slideshare.com. What's more, to share the files within a local or office network is needed as well. Normally, with a Smart sharing list in good document management software supports all output means and methods.

Fifthly, the 'Traceability', it's important for you to record all the browsing history of your shared documents, like who and when it's been viewed by your teammate, and colleagues. By check the browsing record in the document management software, you'll see all the related figures of all activities about your documents.

To sum up, organize or manage documents on Mac is not that hard as you organize and tidy your physical book library. As you've noticed the above factors, to clear things up, it's as easy as ABC. What's more, using the document management software is strongly recommended, and as it does your job automatically and accurately.

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