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How to manage eBooks on Mac?

How to manage eBooks on Mac?

Manage eBooks on Mac , is a new, also traditional topic. Present day technologies are changing human's life dramatically; it changed everything of our activities, especially for the information part. By taking advantage of the I.T technologies, we're now used to read all our books and gaining the knowledge by reading the electronic publishes or eBooks. Nevertheless, to manage eBooks on Mac is getting harder as there are easier and cheaper ways to get more books. Today, we'd like to share some tips to the Mac fans to manage eBooks on Mac .

First step of manage eBooks on Mac. We need to separate those eBooks from other downloads in the downloader folder. Mac sets the download folder as the default folder for all downloads from Internet. So to manage eBooks on Mac easily , we need to pick up these books within the download folder, and then move them to a new folder that only store your eBooks. To make things easy, the document management software helps a lot, the program usually detect all these eBook files, manage eBooks, and put them to certain location automatically.

Second, in order to manage eBooks on Mac , we need to put your eBooks in order, for doing that, we refer to the 'meta data' of the eBooks, which is like references for eBooks, it's like the birth mark comes with the eBooks after it's been created. It contains lots of the basic information for the eBook, take PDF eBook as an example, it includes title, author, subject, keywords, location, date, etc. by reading this data, and you'll be able to sort them in order.

Third step of manage eBooks on Mac, search and find the needed eBooks. This step can be easily done by 'spotlight' function. It can search the title, author, and created date, etc. If you have hundreds of the different books from different authors, and they are in different formats, it is better you got a document management software by your side, which you can index not only the titles, but also the meta data like authors, date, format, or even keywords or any words in the eBooks.

The last step of manage eBooks on Mac, also the very important point is acting now! and do it constantly. This not only helps you save your time, but also helps your brain to remember your books and knowledge better. By doing this, your eBook are like be sorted in a physical bookshelf, which manage eBooks on Mac absolutely easy, and you can have a picture in your mind for the related topics and knowledge. What's more, using document manage software on Mac will helps a lot on manage eBooks on Mac.