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How to manage Keynote files on Mac?

How to manage keynote files on Mac?

How to manage keynote files on Mac, is now one of the main problems for Mac users, most of all, the business and academic users. As every Mac fans aware, the keynotes is one of these magic weapons can beat Pc every time. it's been used so frequently in different events and ceremonies, like 'business presentation', 'new release conferences', 'weddings' ,'party' and even graduation ceremony! And I'm happy to bring you this small writeup to guide you how to manage keynote files on Mac by a few simple steps.

Step 1 of manage keynote files on Mac to centralize your keynotes to one location. This sounds very stupid, as we already get used to put everything to our download folder. But actually, the download folder can't be called a centralized location due to it contains almost every files you downloaded. It's better if you can download all document files to a different folder. Then you can get a rather smaller and simplex folder.

Step 2 of manage keynote files on Mac: Differentiate. Every documents are created by different authors, date and also, different formats are designed for different usage, like, 'doc.' For documentation, 'PPT','keynotes' for presentation, and xls. for statistics. So, basically, we can differentiate the files by creating sub folders of formats, authors, dates, or size. Or we can use the 'meta data' information of the documents. The 'meta data' is like the GPS ID for the Documents, each document will has it's unique information, for instance, the authors, created date, size, type, subject, tags, and even what templates you used in the documents. To view this data, you'll need a document management software.

Step 3 of manage keynote files on Mac: Find back, after the above two steps, we're basically well organized keynotes files in our Mac. Next, we'll talk about find back issue. To find your needed keynotes is still headache, even after you put every of your keynotes in order. Fortunately, the spotlight will helps us to find every file in the computer, of course, it's compatible for documents' files as well, like titles, authors, even keynotes contents or a document management software, which you can search your requisite keynotes by typing the title, author name, subject or a keywords in the keynotes' contents.

In short, how to manage keynote files on Mac? After all these activities you've done, I believe you already had a clear mind to build the 'bookshelf' for manage keynote files on Mac. If is not, please do it now and I know it takes some time to sort them out, but as older said: 'A beard well lathered is half shaved.' It helps not only save your time, but makes your information reading much easier. What's more, don't forget to use the document management software in Mac, they are cutting edged and will manage keynote files on Mac easily.

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