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How to manage PDF on Mac with Mac PDF manager?

How to manage PDF on Mac with Mac PDF manager?

To manage PDF on Mac and choose the right Mac PDF manager is one of the most popular topics we've talked nowadays. After nine different versions of upgrading and changes; PDF is becoming the industry standard format in the documents world. It's been applied for almost all purposes, like eBooks, documentation, user manuals, bank statements, etc. In other words, it has become the most official document format in the industry. And today, here are some tips for manage PDF on Mac with Mac PDF manager.

First factor: the Location. To manage PDF on Mac, it is better you can put your PDF files to an independent folder from other files. By doing so, you'll get a PDF folder under your system that you can use it for further PDF management. As default, all the PDF files you downloaded from Internet will automatically save to Download Folder under Mac, to distinguish them, you have to move all your PDF files to your new created unique folder one by one. In order to manage PDF on Mac easily, the Mac PDF manager can simplify the process of sort and manage the documents for you. You can import all your downloaded files into the Mac PDF manager, and it will automatically filter all documents into the documents' folder.

The second factor of manage PDF on Mac is Category. Every PDF are created by different authors, date and lots of other related information. So, basically, we can differentiate the files by creating sub folders of formats, authors, dates, or size. Or we can use the 'meta data' information of the documents. The 'meta data' is like the GPS ID for the Documents, each document will has it's unique information, for instance, the authors, created date, size, type, subject, tags, and even what templates you used in the documents. To view and edit thiese data, usually you can use a Mac PDF manager to recognize this data and then sort your files by their related Categories.

The third factor of manage PDF on Mac, retrieve, finding your needed PDF is always headache, even after you put every of your PDFs in order. Under Mac, the 'spotlight' is the best search tool for every files in Mac, it can search PDF's titles, authors, creating date etc, or for better search result, using the Mac PDF manager to search your requisite PDFs by typing the title, author name, subject or a keywords in the PDF's contents.

The fourth factor for manage PDF on Mac, is the security issue. Documents are used for store all the important information like financial data, passwords, personal diary, project report, etc. Therefore, it would be tragedy if the documents are plagiarized. To keep your documents safely, you could lock the documents by use the Adobe Acrobat to set a password to block it from the others. Or you can also choose Mac PDF manager to batch encrypt your documents in a relatively cheap way.

The fifth factor of manage PDF on Mac is to choose a good Mac PDF manager to do the job, and there are many cool applications in the market can be the excellent Mac PDF manager for you. For example, iDocument, Yep, DEVONthink, Papers etc. They are all selling in reasonable price, and with different features. Like iDocument, it has iTunes like management concept and beautiful User interface, Yep with its tags, etc.

Finally, after all these activities you've done, I believe you already had a clear and clean'bookshelf' to manage PDF on Mac easily. Though it takes some time to sort them out, but as older said: 'a beard well lathered is half shaved.' It helps not only save your time, but makes your information reading much easier. What's more, don't forget to use the Mac PDF manager, they are cutting edged and manage PDF on Mac in easy way.

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