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How to manage Powerpoint files in Mac?

To manage Powerpoint files in Mac?

How to organize and manage Powerpoint files in Mac, is one of the common problems by many of the business users and students. As PPT. is one of the most popular formats for business plans or lecture notes. No doubt, there will be hundreds, maybe thousands of different powerpoint files were stored in the Mac computers, and 90% of them are never been used for another time! Here is a step by step guide for you to review, it may not be the most wised guide, but it does help you with manage Powerpoint files in Mac.

Stage 1 of manage powerpoint files in Mac: unique and rearrange, yes, that's what you'll do for the very first step. As all the powerpoint files are located separately in your Mac, you have to put them together, then you could carry on to the next step. So, please find all your PPT. files in your Mac, and drag and drop them to the new created folder. Or you can choose the document management software to this automatically.

Stage 2 of manage powerpoint files in Mac, differentiate. Every PowerPoint is created by different authors, dates and lots of other related individual information. So, basically, we can differentiate the files by creating sub folders of formats, authors, dates, or size. Or we can use the 'meta data' information of the documents. The 'meta data' is like the GPS ID for the Documents, each document will has it's unique information, for instance, the authors, created date, size, type, subject, tags, and even what templates you used in the documents. To view this data, you can simply use a document management software to pick up the information you need.

Stage 3 of manage powerpoint files in Mac: retrieve, finding your needed keynote is still headache, even after you put every of your keynotes in order. Under Mac, the 'spotlight' is the best search tool for every files in Mac, it can find the Powerpoint's titles, authors and creating dates, or a document management software, which you can search your requisite PPT by typing the title, author name, subject or a keywords in the PPT's contents.

Finally, you've had some clue for manage powerpoint files in Mac. And I believe you already had a clear and tidy 'bookshelf' for manage powerpoint files in Mac. If is not, please do it now and I know it takes some time to sort them out, but as older said: 'A beard well lathered is half shaved.' It helps not only save your time, but makes your information reading much easier. What's more, don't forget to use the document management software in Mac, they are cutting edged to manage powerpoint files in Mac.

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