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How to share documents on Mac?

To share documents on Mac is a FAQ for Mac users, actually, there are plenty of choices for Mac users to share their files among different computers. Here below are some tips for you to know how to share documents on Macs.

Firstly, share documents on Mac, or within local networks, like in office, class, etc. There are two options for share documents on Mac:

Method one, you can share documents on Mac by the system sharing center, which you can adjust the settings in the preferences, and tick the Sharing files box to activate the sharing function. Then, when you'd like to share documents on Mac to another Mac, press 'ctrl + left click' to open the sharing option to share your folders. If you like to obtain documents from other Mac. Please first go to 'GO' menu in the 'menu bar', and then input the related 'IP address' to open the sharing folders.

Method two, share your documents by using the document management software, you can simply drag and drop your documents to the sharing folder, then your colleagues or classmate can easily access your sharing folder from the document management software's sharing list, and obtain the documents.

Secondly, share documents on Mac to the Internet, as Internet rapidly increasing, to share video, music, and documents are very common these days, and here are some tips for sharing documents on Internet for Mac computer:

Method 1, Mobile Me, the professional Mac sharing system, which can upload your emails, photos, documents everything you'd like to. And manage all them on the Internet by your personal account. The disadvantage is 'Mobile me' is costly.

Method 2, iWork.com, it's a similar service as Mobile me , but is specializing in document files. For who bought iWork package, this site is perfect for the Mac users.

Method 3, the web 2.0 technologies, for example, google docs, slideshare.com, or any other documents sharing system, which is the latest technologies for customers to not only sharing their docs, but also innovate the method of people to browse, manage their documents, and most of the popular website are integrated in the advanced document management software.

By all the methods above, you'll now know how to share documents on Mac easily. And hope you'll enjoy the easy sharing life in Mac.

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