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IcyBlaze introduced the easiest documents management system on Mac/iPhone

IcyBlaze introduced the easiest documents management system on Mac/iPhone

IcyBlaze releases its latest iDocument 1.5 and iDocument iPhone with the powerful sync function between the Mac and iPhone/iPod touch in this Christmas.

iDocument system supports WIFI transfer between Mac and iPhone, you can easily sync your documents with two applications on Mac and iPhone separately. iDocument is a documents management application on your Mac, and iDoc iPhone is a small documents tool box for mobile devices, it's a documents transfer station, it's a micro documents scanner, it's also a document browser on the go.

By easily link both iDocument and iDocument iPhone in the WIFI network, you can then simply select the documents into the transfer station in iDocument, and sync the selected documents into iDocument iPhone. All documents and related annotations like tags, rating, and label will be sync to iDocument as well.

And in the iPhone end, you'll be able to easily edit quick notes or take a snapshot of a document or bills and then sync them back to iDocument's library in Mac. It's exactly the same operational workflow, link both apps, and press sync to sync documents.

The sync speed in the system is much quicker than an ordinary html upload or downloads process for most of the applications in the market. Generally speak.

By use the iDocument sync system, you'll be able to easily take the documents from your home Mac to your work Mac; you'll be able to view the important documents on the go; you can easily scan your bills and invoices into your Mac, and you'll have unlimited access to your cloud space to retrieve the documents into your iPhone or Mac.

Please visit http://www.icyblaze.com for more detail.