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iDocument, the Yep killer.

iDocument, the Yep killer.

Just when you thought you're going to use Yep forever, here is the new released iDocument hot from oven. It's believed to be the Yep killer by its humane designed organizing function and its inclusive supports of document's formats.

Yep is advertised as not to worry where you stored your documents, Well, good idea, but not really good when you can only find the mess documents but leave the mess as still. As it will lead to potential documents lost, system speed delay, and even worse, more and more documents spread all over your Mac. I guess that's the real reason iPhoto and other system apps don't manage files by only index them.

On the other hand, iDocument manages documents as exactly as the 'official way', You'll get a personal well organized library, which not only prevent the documents mess overflow in your Mac, but also put every your documents in the best status for you to search, edit, or review. Of course, if you're buying a new Mac, for example, the new apple tablet, you can easily move your documentations by duplicate the personal library to the new device. In the iDocument's library, you'll see every of your documents are sorted by date, type, or title etc, and you can edit and specify your documents easily by rate, tag, and label features. Also, you'll be able to store your search result of your target documents, and then review them by just one single click! What's more, the built in encrypting and sharing function has made iDocument not only document management software, but also a powerful manage system for business users. As a office based business, there are lots of documents need to share among each other. iDocument has a unique sharing system. Also, by only one click, you'll have your documents shared to other iDocument users in the Network. You'll have a whole list of your colleagues' sharing folders on the program's main interface. Or if there is any document is confidential, again, you'll only need to press one button. And you'll have your documents locked unbreakable. In short, iDocument is more like a native document management app for Mac users. There are more features introduced in the IcyBlaze's official site. To know more about it, please visit:

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